EPCO Bowling Balls

Over 60 years of experience, extensive research & development and EPCO’s mission of Quality, Precision, and Style have made EPCO the top leading manufacturer of bowling balls for the small ball bowling industry!

EPCO’s extensive manufacturing capabilities allows us to produce balls for Candlepin, 5 Pin, and Duckpin bowling in addition to other types of bowling throughout the world.

EPCO’s manufacturing expertise enables us to custom manufacture bowling balls to our client’s specifications.


  • EPCO's flagship ball since 1960
  • 80% Rubber 20% Synthetic composition
  • 88°D Hardness
  • Brilliant color combinations
  • For Bowlers of all levels

Sizes and Weights Available



  • Distinctive glow colors
  • Glows under black light
  • Balls must be kept clean to allow glow effect to maximize

Sizes and Weights Available



  • High Performance Polymer Rubber
  • 85°D Hardness
  • Attractive color combinations
  • Distinctive "Cobra Rubber" Logo
  • Designed for all lane conditions

Sizes and Weights Available


EPCO Urethane Pro-Line

  • EPCO's 2nd Generation of Reactive Urethane
  • 85°D Hardness
  • Today's Technology designed for higher reaction
  • Unique colors and style
  • Engraved "EPCO Urethane Pro-Line" Logo

Sizes and Weights Available



  • Rich, vibrant colors
  • Gyro balanced
  • Soft texture, strong grip
  • Mid Range 80°D Hardness
  • For Bowlers of all levels

Sizes and Weights Available



  • High Performance Polymer Rubber
  • 80° - 85°D Hardness, Mid Range
  • Brilliant colors with distinctive spiral pattern
  • Engraved "Comet" Logo

Sizes and Weights Available



  • 80% Rubber 20% Synthetic composition
  • 90°D Hardness
  • Bright NEON colors - glows under black light
  • Engraved "EPCO NEON" Logo

Sizes and Weights Available



  • 80% Rubber 20% Synthetic composition
  • Solid background with speckled pattern throughout
  • Suggested for house balls only - not for resale

Sizes and Weights Available


DZP Series Bowling Bags

  • 420D Nylon Acrylic
  • Reinforced carry handles and shoulder strap
  • Extra large capacity holds 4 balls and shoes
  • 2 Zipper side pockets
  • 2 End pouches
  • 4 ball urethane foam ball seats
  • Holds 2 or 4 balls
  • Vibrant color combinations with EPCO Logo


Aurora 2SP Soft Back Combo Bags

  • 420D Nylon Acrylic
  • Reinforced handles
  • Vibrant color combinations
  • Extra large capacity - holds 2 Duckpin/5-Pin Balls and Shoes


EPCO Polish & Grip Cream

Use EPCO Polish & Grip Cream to restore shine and superior grip for high scoring performance.

  • Clean balls first with non-abrasive, non-solvent cleaner
  • Shake well before use, squeeze small amount onto ball surface
  • Use small circular motion to cover entire ball surface
  • Polish with soft dry cloth

Available in 4 oz. and 32 oz. bottles

Designed specifically for Candlepin, Duckpin and 5-Pin Bowling Balls. Repeated use helps maintain bright shine and superior grip while preventing unwanted build-up. EPCO's Polish and Grip is not intended to be a heavy-duty cleaner. Clean bowling balls first with non-abrasive, non-solvent cleaner.

A little goes a long way.


All bowling balls manufactured by E. Parrella Company, Inc. are warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year. Damages such as scratches, nicks, chips, etc. caused by pinsetter or foreign objects, by misuse, abuse, neglect or improper use are not covered by this warranty. EPCO’s sole responsibility shall be to repair or replace defective items. Liability is limited to the cost of product purchased.

All bowling balls should be used at ambient temperatures.  Bowling balls left in cold or hot environments should be allowed to acclimate to normal bowling conditions.  Damage caused by these conditions are not covered by this warranty

The application of lane conditioners to all types of bowling lane surfaces is essential and critical to prevent both lane damage and ball damage. Conditioners act as a barrier between the lane surface and ball surface to prevent the buildup of friction. Friction causes lane and ball surfaces to "burn". There is no lane surface and ball surface manufactured that does not require conditioning. However, while done daily in large ball bowling it has declined in small ball bowling. The use of conditioners also provides uniform lane surfaces for consistent scoring!

To make a warranty claim, return your sales receipt and defective items freight prepaid to the place of purchase for inspection.


This product can expose you to chemicals including Silica, which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to www.p65warnings.ca.gov