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Heavy Weight Shift Knobs


EPCO Shift Knobs

Our Heavyweight shift knobs offer additional momentum between gear throws and less missed shifts!  The solid construction of EPCO’s Heavy Weight 227 gms shift knob provides the ultimate in positive shift engagement. Added heft allows for smoother and faster shifting, increasing performance and timing.

Semi-Gloss finish.


Available in 2 1/8″ diameter.

All shift knobs are custom made to order.

Important: Due to variance in screen calibrations, color samples may vary from actual product

Select options below

  • Select color of shift knob.  (All shown with shift pattern)

  • Select a master thread size below

    Select a shift pattern below

    Select a shift pattern color

    Note:  If Push Button Lockout is chosen along with Shift Pattern, Push Button Lockout will be a side mount.

    Select either Top or Side Mount for button below

About EPCO Shift Knobs


All shift knobs are custom made to order and are made in the USA!

Flat Fee Shipping of $10.50 per order anywhere in the United States.

For International Orders, please inquire here.

When ordering, follow the instructions for selecting options such as color, diameter and master thread size.  Additional options may be available for embedments, shift patterns, engraving, rally stripes and push-button lock out.

Note:  Some options are not available on certain shift knobs, so follow the prompts.